Ontario Adoption Council - "Khoya – An Adoption Story"

This June, Khoya, a feature film about a Canadian man who travels to rural India in search of his birth family will be playing at Rainbow Cinema in Toronto.

Though the feature is not based on a true story, the themes and challenges it explores come from a real place. Sami Khan, the writer/director of this feature has a personal tie to adoption. A few years ago his mother disclosed to him that when she was very young she had to place a child born to her for adoption, and had been keeping it a secret for over 30 years. As Sami thought about reconnecting with his brother, the first iterations of the film came out.

Since then he has been able to begin to build a relationship with his brother, an overwhelming but ultimately worthwhile experience. It has also helped him to begin to understand his mother in a new way, bringing them closer than ever before.

We asked Sami what the take away of Khoya would be for the adoption community, and he says that he wants people to see the film and feel less alone. As a reader and a film watcher from a young age, he understands the importance of being able to identity with characters who are dealing with the same struggles as ourselves, so the world doesn’t feel as big and scary.

Some of the ACO staff will be at the evening premier of Khoya on June 10th and we hope that you will join us (there is rumor of food). You can buy advance tickets here.